Aubrey Plaza was “more careless” behind the wheel than the stunt driver in “Emily the Criminal.”

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Aubrey Plaza would purchase “the complete Criterion Collection on Blu-ray,” “a region two DVD player,” and “Stromboli, the volcanic island off the coast of Sicily” if she had a credit card with an unlimited spending limit. Theo Rossi, her co-star, would expand his property by getting more donkeys and goats.

Together, they appeared in filmmaker John Patton Ford’s crime drama “Emily the Criminal,” which hits cinemas on Friday. The movie centers on Emily Plaza, a struggling artist who has a criminal record and a mountain of tuition debt. Emily joins credit card theft operations as a “dummy shopper,” making purchases using stolen credit cards in order to spread the cost. The organization’s mastermind, Youcef (Rossi), in turn, sells the contraband.  

A whole generation of young people can relate to the burden of attempting to pay off student debt resulting from this system’s many flaws, claims Plaza.

“An unpaid internship is ludicrous when you think about it. People must eat, by which I mean, “Rossi says.

There are a ton of scary action moments in “Emily,” including instances when Plaza, 38, tasers individuals. Plaza said that she used a toy taser she discovered in a cereal box because she didn’t use a real taser on the set.

It was my second time tasering someone on camera. That’s starting to seem like my thing,” adds Plaza.

In a car pursuit scene in the movie, Emily barely avoids being attacked by a car salesman who finds out she bought a car unlawfully. Plaza admits that she drove “more recklessly than the stunt driver” and that she conducted a lot of the driving for the film.

The stunt coordinator repeatedly instructed me to slow down and take it easy, claims Plaza. But you only had a few opportunities. You must put it into practice.

According to Rossi, 47, Emily and Youcef get romantically involved on-screen while taking “chances on each other.”

According to Rossi, “We as actors, artists, individuals, and humans take chances on one other.” According to Rossi, “I believe that resonates throughout the film.”

The co-stars also forged close relationships behind the scenes.

Theo gives me comfort since he explains concepts like how time isn’t real and other novel ideas about reality, said Plaza.

Beyond “Emily,” Plaza is quite active in August. The “Parks and Recreation” star will participate in “Spin Me Round,” her husband Jeff Baena’s romantic comedy thriller that will be released on August 19 (in theaters, on demand, and AMC+).

Additionally, Plaza will play Laura Feinberg in the animated horror-comedy series “Little Demon” on FX, which debuts on August 25. When Feinberg is pregnant with Chrissy and is then impregnated by Satan (played by Danny DeVito), she becomes the mother of the antiChrist (voiced by Lucy DeVito).

Playing the mother of the anti-Christ is something Plaza has “been meaning to perform,” according to Plaza.

One of the most rewarding things that has ever occurred to me is having the anti-Christ as my daughter, claims Plaza.

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