Bad Bunny takes stab at Bullet Train movie role

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Rapper Bad Bunny had big goals to become a movie director in addition to his musical career. He bagged groceries while working as a young man in a small Puerto Rican community.

His dreams of becoming a musician have come true for Bad Bunny, a two-time Grammy Award-winning international performer. Additionally, Bad Bunny achieved his cinematic goal over the weekend by securing his first substantial film role in “Bullet Train.”

The Wolf, played by Bad Bunny, 28, is an assassin who plans to kill Ladybug, a rival assassin of Brad Pitt, on a Japanese high-speed train. He could never have predicted the scene-stealing performance that he witnessed.

Before stepping onto the “Bullet Train” pink carpet for his first Hollywood debut, Bad Bunny recently told USA TODAY, “I have always fantasized about producing movies and acting.” But I never dreamed that I was attempting to murder Brad Pitt in a scene from a movie.

Bad Bunny, whose most recent album, “Un Verano Sin Ti,” spent the previous seven weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, has crossed it off his bucket list. Last weekend saw the start of his appropriately called World’s Hottest Tour in Orlando, Florida.

Bad Bunny leaped at the chance to portray the vengeful, knife-wielding Wolf after a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in “F9” and a part as Mexican drug trafficker Kitty Páez in Netflix’s “Narcos: Mexico.” With Pitt in their climactic fight, Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio—who is credited by his true name—says almost little but pulls off some remarkable feats.

According to Bad Bunny, who swears neither actor was injured during the on-screen fight, “It was intense, three weeks of training and fighting, getting ready with a lot of physical workout and choreography.” “No one was hurt. Maybe the adrenaline was to blame. But even if Brad Pitt had injured me, I would not have cared.”

Director David Leitch attributes Bad Bunny’s skill in dancing to his successful performance.

He is a very physically demanding performer, but Leitch attributes his success to his inherent ability to grasp choreography. “He soon adapted to it.”

Pitt was astounded.

“I admire him a great deal. Bad Bunny entered and made do with it “says the actor. “He got the joke, and everything was amusing. He destroyed it.”

Future crushings should be avoided since action roles are piling up. In “El Muerto,” a Marvel action film, Bad Bunny made history as the first Latino actor to play the lead role (out in 2024).

It is an honor for Bad Bunny, who made his WWE debut at a WrestleMania event last year, to portray El Muerto, the first significant Latino superhero.

“People are aware that I always advocate for and promote the Latino community and Puerto Rican culture via my music. The Marvel Universe is now in play. I’m so proud of it, “Bad Bunny quips that he hasn’t heard from any of the other Marvel superheroes. “The Hulk still hasn’t DM’d me on Twitter,”

Bad Bunny has to schedule time in the weight gym to bulk up for his part.

Bad Bunny declares, “I need to get larger and stronger.” “It’s up to me to decide how I’ll train while on a world tour. It’s going to be tough.”

He gives a clue that there may soon be additional openings.

He vows, “You’ll see me performing in movies more often.” There is some covert operation going on.

Because of the title of his third album and accompanying tour, “El último Tour Del Mundo,” Bad Bunny makes it quite clear that any allegations of a musical retirement are greatly exaggerated (literally, “The Last Tour in the World ”).

Awful Bunny proclaims, “I’m never going to quit making music.” “I have consistently made music, even before I was notable. However, I can decide to stop my visits, appearances, and collection discharges. I ought to pause for a minute to ponder my achievements.”

The craftsman referred to the triplet of pre-visit shock shows that occurred last month in San Juan before a sold-out arena as quite possibly the most dazzling second in his vocation.

“I set love and focus on all I do. My endeavors have lived up to my assumptions.” The Evil Bunny announces. “I believe I’m accountable for the circumstances now and again. However, I’m actually remaining here on Earth.”

That occasionally unassuming spot likewise accompanies the strut of an as yet climbing genius. At the point when the style head-turner asked he’ll wear close to Pitt on the debut cover, he clarifies that is one fight he will not lose.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what I will wear this evening,” Bad Bunny says, grinning. “The main thing I know is that I will be more appealing than him.”

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