Meghan Markle (1)
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First episode of Meghan Markle’s new podcast is now on Spotify, and it features friend Serena Williams!

In 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made an announcement about a collaboration between Spotify and their production company Archewell Audio. Meghan Markle’s webcast has authoritatively dropped! After Meghan and Prince Harry declared a “long-term organization” among Spotify and their creation organization Archewell Audio in 2020, the main full episode of Archetypes, facilitated by the […]

Karthikeya 2
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Karthikeya 2 USA Premieres Box Office Earnings: Great Start

Box office earnings for Karthikeya 2: Chandoo Mondeti wrote and directed the supernatural thriller movie Karthikeya 2 in Telugu. The movie, which was made by Abhishek Agarwal Arts and People Media Factory, is a follow-up to Karthikeya from 2014. Nikhil Siddharth, Anupama Parameswaran, and Anupam Kher play the leading characters in the film. The USA […]