Fall Movie review & film summary 2022

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The Story About

A significant amount of emotional backstory is crammed into the opening 30 minutes of “Fall” before the film traps two female climbers at 2,000 feet in the air in a desolate area of the desert for the remaining 90 minutes.

It will be put to the test, won’t it? No doubt. The fact that adventuresome best friends Becky and Hunter lock eyes with a carcass-gnawing vulture before they even reach the foot of the TV tower they aim to ascend is the real indication that co-writer (with Jonathan Frank) and director Scott Mann has his thrill-hungry audience’s demands in mind.

Therefore, “Fall” is a better-than-average B-movie corker that is almost like a correction to the behemoths that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on mayhem only to bludgeon us with exhilarating-free, numbingly digital hazard these days. You’ll probably enjoy “Fall” if you miss the sweaty-palmed giggles brought on by Harold Lloyd hanging off a high-rise clock face or Tom Cruise climbing the harness-required side of the Burj Khalifa building.

The screenplay by Mann and co-screenwriter Jonathan Frank even mentions Cruise’s “Mission Impossible” character Ethan Hunt. Daredevil vlogger Hunter (Virginia Gardner, “Runaways”) invokes Hunt as an adrenaline god in order to shake her friend Becky (Grace Caroline Currey, “Shazam!”) out of a year-long mourning period following the passing of Becky’s husband Dan (Mason Gooding).

The prologue of the film, which is “Free Solo”-esque and is filmed on a sheer mountain face, shows the unfortunate climbing event that the two women saw. Becky had curled up into the soppy, suicidal existence of a shut-in twelve months later.Until bouncy, sassy Hunter arrives to her door with her version of a self-help plan, she ignores the tearful pleadings of her frightened dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Becky will be able to move past her sadness by covertly climbing a defunct TV tower on the first anniversary of Dan’s passing, while Hunter enjoys producing a ton of sexy-dangerous YouTube material with his drone and selfie stick.

The dialogue in the movie is full of clichés about facing death, living life, overcoming fear, moving on, letting go, etc., but what really important is if Currey and Gardner come across as a credible pair of self-gratification addicts from the Gen-Z generation.From that vantage point, the pair’s vivacious performances are sufficient to transport a genuine sense of warmth and teasing camaraderie into the California desert, past that No Trespassing sign, up hundreds of rusted rungs, and onto a small circular platform that might end up being the location of Becky and Hunter’s final selfie if the tower’s top ladder separates from its loose bolts and leaves them stranded.

The clumsy workMan has done in the grizzled-male action genre in the past (“The Heist,” “Final Score”) won’t prepare you for how committed he is to avoiding the “scared-damsel” vibe and focusing instead on the pair’s bravery and intelligence. Panic is present, simply saved until the right circumstances.Then, “Fall” can concentrate on making the most of its one-location, two-hander by switching between what’s ridiculously entertaining about dealing with this particular danger (which is based on a real TV tower, one of the tallest structures in the US), and what’s believable clever in the specifics of how Becky and Hunter try to save themselves.

Characterization-wise, things may become clumsy; one revelation is groan-inducingly foreshadowed, and a third-act twist feels lifted directly from a number of unreliable-narrator films.But viscerally, the film succeeds. The site-specific peril is suitably unsettling when the stunt work, effects, and cinematographer MacGregor’s more height-intensified shots are in synch, and the rescue hacks these tech-savvy women come up with from their readily available items (phones, binoculars, shoes, drone, selfie stick, tower light, push-up bra) are amusingly crafty enough to earn the movie’s one self-satisfied line:

And don’t forget about those winged forebodings of death. In this gloomy era of post-apocalyptic popcorn nothingness, “Fall” throws up some welcome back-to-basics survival adrenaline. It may be the first film to apply Chekhov’s gun rule to vultures, which is a sign that will appease the more horror-minded ticket buyers.

On August 12, “Fall” debuts in US theaters.

Who is in the Fall cast?

Grace Caroline Currey

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Virginia Gardner

Beautiful Disaster, Halloween

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Possession, Red Dawn

Fall is produced by Crew List.

A peek at the Fall production team and behind-the-scenes personnel. The previous two films Scott Mann directed were Heist and Final Score.

DirectorScott Mann
ScreenwriterScott Mann
ProducersJames Harris Mark Lane Christian Mercuri
CompaniesProduction Company
LionsgateCapstone Entertainment Group

Fall Release Date: When was the film released?

On Friday, August 12, 2022, Fall was published in 2022. (Limited release). On the same day, 13 other films, including Mack & Rita, Inu-Oh, and No Way Out, were also released.

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