What to Watch: The Ten Films We Think You Should Stream This Weekend

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Our team of TV and film industry professionals analyzes the weekly entertainment landscape to choose the top 10 new or nearly-new movies that you may stream at home. We carefully consider our choices, and occasionally our discussions over what to include and what to omit can get hot and lead to damaged emotions. Nevertheless, this is a crucial service for you, our readers. Here are our picks for this week after that.

10. (tie) On the Count of Three (VOD)

The plaudits for Jerrod Carmichael’s enlightening and potent HBO special (Rothaniel, watch it again! ), his excellent performance as host of Saturday Night Live, and now the release of his festival favorite narrative directorial debut, On The Count Of Three, have him having a moment. However, you were already aware of Carmichael’s strength thanks to his prior specials and The Carmichael Show. You’re just relieved to see everyone catch up, and this movie gives you the chance to watch Carmichael flex his acting chops alongside Christopher Abbott as two pals attempting to make the most of their final minutes before they kill each other in a suicide pact. Find it on your preferred VOD platform.

9. They/Them (Peacock)

An oddballs-run summer conversion camp serves as the scene. Kevin Bacon, a camp counselor looking to intimidate a group of queer children, is the antagonist. The narrative involves a killer on the loose in the woods who is going for a group of children who are beginning to doubt their identities as a result of the uncaring adults in their life. This is essentially your worst Gen Z nightmare. Look it up on Peacock.

8. The Bob’s Burgers Movie (Hulu)

The Bob’s Burgers Movie was released in theaters instead of being put straight on streaming because Loren Bouchard, the creator of Bob’s Burgers, insisted on it. He was right to assume that as The Bob’s Burgers Movie—which is also Disney’s first hand-drawn 2D animated film in more than ten years—is an utter treat with exquisite animation, entertaining fan service, and catchy tunes. However, if you missed it in cinemas, you can now see “Sunny Side Up Summer” at home. A Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Zucchini Burger is a good match, in my opinion. Check it out on Hulu.

7. The Gray Man (Netflix)

Trash-staches is The Gray Man. A himbo killer played by Ryan Gosling. Chris Evans is insane. an espionage drama. A running expedition. Trains. Butt-shots. Ana de Armas sporting a bob haircut. In addition, the Russo brothers provided the action. In other words, for people who prefer to stay in bed, The Gray Man is a ton of fun and a worthwhile blockbuster movie night. Netflix should have it.

6. I Love My Dad (VOD)

Patton Oswalt plays a parent catfishing his adult son in a cringe comedy about the (often desperate) search for intimacy and connection in the age of social media. In this festival favorite from writer/director James Morosini, who also appears as the son who oh so gladly falls for the well-meaning swindle, humor and therapy are sure to follow. This should be perfect if you enjoyed Oswalt in prior indie-style movies like Big Fan and Young Adult where he got to show off his acting skills. Stream it on VOD.

5. Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe (Paramount Plus)

Beavis and Butthead made their television debut on MTV over 30 years ago, and despite incredible odds, they are still going strong today, with this film launching them into space and further ventures in the pipeline. Yes, it’s excellent news, but try expressing that to someone who was born in 1997 if you told them that these two would still be alive in 2022 and be traveling to other planets. It would nearly be as stunning as the event where time travel was purportedly discovered. Visit Paramount Plus to see it.

4. Anything’s Possible (Amazon Prime)

An adorable coming-of-age tale directed by Billy Porter centers on Kelsa, a trans high school senior who is striving to negotiate, well, everything. If you’re in the mood for a little crying, it would be a lovely weekend movie because it is all very charming, emotional, and Gen Z. Who doesn’t occasionally, you know? Visit Amazon Prime to watch it.

3. Luck (Apple TV Plus)

With Fate, a film about an unhappy little girl who embarks on a fantastical voyage in an effort to change her luck, John Lasseter is attempting to bring the same magic to Apple. John Lasseter was instrumental in making Pixar into a leading name in the animation industry. The key issue that still has to be answered is if it has the same energy as the previous movies he made a few decades ago. It has the star power (Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda, and Pixar mainstay John Ratzenberger). It also has financial support from Apple. There is only one way to learn. On Apple TV Plus, watch it.

2. The Princess (HBO)

Princess Diana has been featured on TV a lot lately. These have been primarily exaggerated interpretations, with Kristen Stewart really going for it in The Crown and slamming the fairy tale. There is currently a new documentary method that seeks to investigate the reasons why Shy Di has become and remains so popular. The video urges viewers to really analyze the role that the public and the press had in Diana’s final fate by showing footage of her during their relationship with Prince Charles and all the way through their divorce. Then came the most terrible developments of all.

Observe it on HBO.

  1. Prey (Hulu)

As a result of the underwhelming reception to, well, every Predator film since 1990’s Predator 2, the Predator series was in dire need of a new vision. Presto! Prey. In the Hulu movie, Amber Midthunder plays a Comanche warrior who must defend her tribe against an alien predator. Prey, which happily overlooks everything that made Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem unwatchable, returns to what made the first Predator a masterpiece. Check it out on Hulu.